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2天 之前
Dropped some new new @kin.aesthetik exclusively at @arenadancecomp this weekend.. last chance to cop first at Arena today! Don’t miss out! #arenadancecomp

3天 之前
Y’all already know, there’s nobody else that I’ve been able to share this amazing journey of dance with than the brother @bam_martin.. from 2007, he’s remained one of my most influential artists/teachers and continues to inspire me every time we hit the floor. Wishing you a very HBD, brotha! Cheers to another year of memories and moments! Much love!

6天 之前
Good ol throwback piece for the Chengdu @kinjazdojochina..! I love this piece and it’s only 24 seconds long LOL thanks to my @sinostage fam for always showing out! @sinostage_amy@iceyyy_98 @tennn14 Much Love y’all!

8天 之前
What an honor to partake in another opening for dance in the beautiful city of Chengdu..! Congratulations to my brother and sister @eli.m.sweet@sinostage_koko and the whole @sinostage family for another beautiful studio for all to enjoy!

10天 之前  Jawn Ha Instagram
Always love dancing with my little Chinese sister @sinostage_amy..Especially when I got to explore with new approaches through movement to new genres of music..! Practicing patience in my latest draft piece to @terror.jr – Terrified ??

19天 之前
A new year begins for this little Angel of mine.. A bubble of positivity full of wonder. May the next year bring you even more joy and experience, so that you can give the world not what it wants, but what it needs. Yet another unfortunate circumstance in which my work interferes with important moments in my life.. I wish I were there to celebrate life with you.. nevertheless, I miss you and I’ll have a truck load of cookies ready for you when I get home. Happy Birthday @maleahquan, I love you. #itsJaMaTime

20天 之前
”Thank Goodness I’m Alive and Well..” – Normal Sized Jawn // Always a pleasure to see people rock classes regardless of age, sexual orientation, gender or size.. Love my students! @iceyyy_98 @akosun828@sinostage_amy (14) ?: @vibrvncy

22天 之前
Happy Birthday, my guy.. Hope this puts a smile on your face ? @keonemadrid

1个月 之前
Happy Fathers Day, pops.. We’ll see ya at lunch ??❤️ Love ya.

1个月 之前  Jawn Ha Instagram
We love to em-bark on new adventures.. #itsJaMaTime

1个月 之前
“Blessed Up” by the brotha @v1nh .. amazing tunes by the talented @omgitswande! Captured by the one and only @vibrvncy at @arenadancecompArena Camp Chengdu!

1个月 之前
Yo.. Even for a beginners class, this sh*t wasn’t easy!!! Mad props and thanks to @ibuki.japan for being my first step into the world of waacking! Her flare of urban mixed into her foundation makes her style my favorite to witness and learn from! Have you stepped out of your comfort box recently? Much Love!

1个月 之前
Yooo… I’m so hype for the next gen.. y’all got BANGERS in your ranks!!! Thanks for the dope class brotha @juliandeguz13, your approach to difficult combos with effortlessness is a task I’m willing to master some day! Much Love! #juliandeguzmanchoreography#skimasktheslumpgod

2月 之前
Ha-eee Euuurrr-aye Udder An-on-ny!!! @_anthonylee_

2月 之前
The way you market yourself may change and evolve.. But consistency in who you are is what makes you last. #itsJaMaTime

2月 之前  Jawn Ha Instagram
Happy Birthday @jaydenashermartin..! Your uncle loves ya!

2月 之前
Here we go… @arenadancecomp

2月 之前
Nobody is “made” for one another.. It takes two to compromise, collaborate and challenge each other for the better. The sun was pissed it had to compete with our glow ?? #itsJaMaTime

2月 之前
Cool story bro, tell me more.

2月 之前
I hope everyone loved their mommas/momma figures today! Much Love everyone!

2月 之前
The real art is.. How many ways can you wear black..? With my talented friends, @duier, that’s not even a challenge.. ??‍♀️??‍♂️??‍♀️ #duier #duierstyle

3月 之前
May the fourth be with yogghhrrralg~! #itsJaMaTime

3月 之前
It’s still astonishing at how impactful the art and sport of dance can inspire and influence different industries. People of many talents come from far and wide to celebrate their accomplishments and it was an honor to represent dance at this years @vogueme “Cool People” event.. & in no way am I claiming to be a cool person.. it’s just what the name of the event was ??‍♂️ Much Love!

3月 之前
Teamed up again with my good friends at @zegnaofficial to celebrate its newest endeavors into the modern streetwear world, mixing the quality of accumulated generations with the innovation of the future, the “My Cesare” custom shoes. ?: @vibrvncy @chad.mayate

3月 之前
Damn, looking back.. It’s wild to realize that I’ve traveled the world many times over with this man and have only collected the best of memories.. I hope everyone can wish this incredibly talented and humorous gentleman a Happy Birthday, for he asks for nothing but pours his heart into everything. Cheers to another year of greatness, brother @v1nh..! Anh Yêu Anh ?