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7小时 之前
The pictures from our previous cafe merchandise XD I don’t usually use this kind of filter but I think it suits Yuuta(my cafe character) a lot ✨

5天 之前
I miss doing Howl so much/// I’m actually planning to shoot Howl again in Colmar this year, I might go to France in November! do you want a second edition of Howl’s photobook?

7天 之前
Have a blessed Monday ✨

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June 2018-June 2019 All the student boy look for the past one year/// realized I’ve been doing these for over a year now, which one’s your fav? I’m thinking about having more photoshoots on these soon✨

10天 之前
他終於迎來了曙光。 Last one here for my Bruno at St. Angelo bridge. Our Bucciarati gang group photos are almost ready! I can’t wait to show you all the results ✨✨ I’ll be doing a few more characters from Golden Wind soon also/// (Fugo, Diavolo, Abbacchio & Prosciutto) Definitely can’t wait for the 1 hr episode on 28th!! . . . Bruno’s lens from @momokolens [code: hakken]#jojosbizarreadventure #jojo#brunobuccellati #brunobucciarati

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Good morning ☀️

16天 之前
Rest well, Bruno#jojosbizarreadventure#brunobuccellati

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#jojosbizarreadventure#ventoaureo #giornogiovanna#giogio 「このジョルノジョバァーナには夢がある」 Finally revealing my Giorno set taken in Italy, I’m really happy I get to do Giorno as well. So glad we managed to get the sunrise scene at Santa Lucia station, though I don’t have a Mista with me to perfect the scene XD . . Giorno lenses from @momokolens [code: hakken]

22天 之前
Some hands for today 每當我沒庫存的時候,就是更新一些手的時候了?

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26天 之前
Bucciarati’s black ver.✨✨ Second set of Bruno shot in Venice (VENEZIA?❄️❄️) I will reveal my Giorno set next week! Can’t wait to show you all the photos ?? . . .#jojo #brunobucciarati#brunobuccellati#jojosbizarreadventure Lens from @momokolens [code: hakken]

28天 之前
TAGCC over! Thank you everyone who came and support me at the event?? had a great time cosplaying Bruno at the event, and glad to take pictures with my best girl Trish ❤️ can’t wait to see you all again! #jojo #brunobucciarati#jojosbizarreadventure . . . Lens from @momokolens [code:hakken]

1个月 之前
#jojo #jojosbizarreadventure#brunobuccellati last one for this set! New Bruno photos coming soon//// ✨ it’s been so long since I come across a character I’m so attached to, one that resonates with me so much. I love Bruno ; ;

1个月 之前
#jojo #brunobuccellati#jojosbizarreadventure Bruno in Venice, more photos to come!

1个月 之前
Did Giorno as well when I was in Italy! I can’t wait to get home and start working on these photos ?✨

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2月 之前
See you all in Australia this August//// it’s my first time visiting Australia, any recommendations of where I should visit in Melbourne?✨✨

2月 之前
Made Castle Sant’Angelo my last stop for photoshoot, for my baby Bruno?❤️ I’m not ready for the rest of the animation, the manga already killed me ; ; #jojo#jojosbizarreadventure . . . Lens @momokolens [code: hakken]