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5天 之前
I finally tried the old face thing with jason hahah Crazy how good technology is!

13天 之前
Thanks @Colgate for keeping me on my routine. This hydrogen peroxide formula in the Colgate Optic White High Impact toothpaste is #WhiteningThatWorks. ?#ColgatePartner

17天 之前
Please no one photoshop me into a prison bunk ok? Thanks ?: @tienphotographer

18天 之前
F marry kill?

21天 之前
Say no more fam

21天 之前  Jeff Wittek Instagram
My name jef

25天 之前
First episode of Jeff’s Barbershop presented by @OldSpice series is out now ft. @JasonNash. Watch as I teach him how to style his mop with @OldSpice Fiber Wax. Stay tuned this week to see our other guests @NeelsVisser @shuapeckand @nick_colletti get put through the ringer with the help from my pals @OldSpice.#JeffsbarbershopWithOldSpice#sponsoredobviously

1个月 之前
Our podcast gets worse every week! @vanilladingdong@doesntmatterpc

1个月 之前
Look what just came in the mail. Thanks for perscribing

1个月 之前
My dad, My hero, happy Father’s Day.

1个月 之前  Jeff Wittek Instagram
I will protecc him at all costs

1个月 之前
I introduced my friend from the beach to my friend from the streets

1个月 之前
I use @goat as my trustworthy sneaker plug! And I don’t trust anyone!

2月 之前
In n out of the slammer! Good to have you back brother. (New vid in bio)

2月 之前
I had professional DJ @dillonfrancis on an episode of #jeffsbarbershop (full vid in bio)

2月 之前
Now that I’ve got my profile pic on @Bumble I don’t think @daviddobrik stands a chance…. let’s show him who can get more matches.. probably still going to be him. #bumblepartner

2月 之前
Listen to me very carefully. There are three ways of doing things around here: the right way, the wrong way, and the way that I do it. You understand?

2月 之前
Coming soon.. #littleblackmirror@netflix @shots

2月 之前  Jeff Wittek Instagram
Here’s some pics from our New York trip. Too many great moments (especially for David) Still can’t believe I’m friends with @caseyneistat ! Thanks for not being mad at me for wrecking one of your cool electric bikes!

2月 之前
It’s not easy to maintain this million-dollar smile but @Colgate sent me their Optic White High Impact toothpaste so I now have the power of Hydrogen Peroxide on my side. #ColgatePartner

2月 之前
Opened for @jasonnash today in my home town and it went great! Thanks to everyone that came out, and you’re welcome to @jasonnash ! ?: @pauvillota

2月 之前
Listening to each other’s podcasts lol Crazy how much we have in common!

3月 之前
New barbershop episode w/ @simonrex415 is up on my u-toob now. Go watch before it gets banned in your country!

3月 之前
found a baseball in Todd’s backyard.. Crazy how I picked up right where I left off 10 years ago. #baseball #100mph

3月 之前
Met this kid in the airport today. He told me he’s a huge fan of my videos (especially the barbershop ones) and that his dream is to get a haircut from me some day. He was super nervous and didn’t know what to do with his hands so I told him he should just try crossing his arms, but he was trembling and couldn’t really form a sentence. He laughed nervously and told me that I was the coolest guy on earth, but I just said nah, I’m a human being just like you. he immediately started crying and ran off. It’s moments like these that really make me appreciate what I do. I love you guys so much!