Actress, vegan activist and aspiring cat ? Host of @chickpeepspod ? Co-founder of @kinderbeautybox ? Very into cats, books, dancing and spirituality ✨

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Sleepy cloud ☺️☁️

4天 之前
Happy International Dance Day! Is it international dance day? Whatevaaa @keo_motsepe says it is so I’m copying him. I miss dancing with all my heart, my May resolution is to get back to it! Nothing helps you become confident and friendly with your body the way dancing does!! Here are early rehearsals for our finale dance and then swipe right for the performance. I always prefer watching back rehearsals because they’re so fun and messyyy ? Love youuuu, partner @keo_motsepe especially those freestyle moves at the top ? #internationaldanceday #dance#freestyle #TeamKevanna #Bjork#ItsOhSoQuiet #dwts27

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When two queens show up to the party and you have to quickly decide whether to dismantle her or team up and rule together ??? Here are our cats acting out that scene between Daenerys and Sansa from last week’s Game of Thrones. #catsofinstagram#queens #GoT (My dad took this pic of our cats in Ireland, Puff sadly does not have companions yet!)

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New photos and interview in this month’s @pibemagazine 🙂 Very grateful to this team for shining the spotlight on veganism in the beauty industry ?? More super super close up pics of my face in the issue if you’re into that. Photos by @jasonhetheringtonstudio Styled by @daisy_toogood Hair by @davidebarbieri_ Makeup by @ginakanemakeup #PIBE#PIBEmagazine #veganbeauty#crueltyfreebeauty #fashun

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Love these mad people very much! Never giggled so much on a job as I have every day with The Family Coleman. Only 4 more shows to go, catch it if you’re in Bath! ? Thank you to you lovely people who made the trip to see it so far! ?#theomissionofthefamilycoleman#Ustinov #theatre #family

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I posted this the other day on stories but it is too wonderful not to keep here forever ? Puffles struggling to groom all her Puff, by @oh_momoko I’m relistening to all Eckhart Tolle’s books lately and came across the bit where he calls animals ‘Guardians of Being’ and explains how they are our teachers in being present. Because they force us to stop thinking, stop stressing, and be fully with them, not chatting about big future aspirations or regretting something silly you did yesterday. I’ve noticed that Puff can always tell when my attention has drifted and if I’m stroking her, as soon as I pick up my phone, she gets fed up and trundles off to one of her boxes. In short: cats = very good for your soul and spiritual evolution. Ps. Any one have a recommendation for another spiritual teacher who is nice to listen to? I spend more time with ol’ Eckhart than most friends lately and I don’t know what I’ll do when I finish listening to all his podcast interviews!! ? #LilPuff#catsofinstagram#persiansofinstagram#EckhartTolle

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I am having a headband and long fringe/bangs moment in case you hadn’t noticed! I don’t know why it’s taken me 27 years to unlock my signature style but here she is ??‍♀️ Also the April @kinderbeautybox is out now! Check out the beautiful array of vegan + cruelty free products @daniellamonet and I selected for this month! So proud of how our box baby is blossoming. Follow the link in my bio to subscribe, oooh and stay tuned for how we’ll be turning the spotlight on Kinder beauty animal activists soon which I am SO excited about. Love y’all. Stay spangly and kind. ???? #KinderBeauty #vegan#veganbeauty #crueltyfree#crueltyfreebeauty#DaniellaMonet #EvannaLynch#AgainstAnimalTesting

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Let’s go week 3️⃣ of The Omission of the Family Coleman! Only 2 more weeks left to see our play at the Ustinov in Bath! C’est moi as Gaby with Annie Kent and Rowan Polonski in this pic by Simon Annand. #theomissionofthefamilycoleman

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Books I’m currently reading! ? All of them in rotation. It takes me approx 3 months to finish a book for this reason ??‍♀️ Because life is too short and I am too damn curious to be monogamous with books. Also if you kind of hate poetry like me, go out and get O Positive and have your prejudices challenged by these hilarious and odd and ‘hmmm’ inducing poems. #books #bookstagram #booknerd

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Day off today ? Taking my new @runggshoes for a stroll ??? Beautiful and unique vegan shoe brand, check them out! Yes my legs have not seen the sun in 300 years, how could you tell?!

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The Omission of the Family Coleman officially opened last night at the Ustinov in Bath ? honoured to be tearing about the stage with this mad cast til April 27th. Photo by Simon Annand. Ticket link in my bio. #TheOmissionoftheFamilyColeman

1个月 之前
Oh why thanks Puff for coming along and helping enhance the beauty of the March @kinderbeautybox ! I’m not sure why but she has been very curious about this one ? it’s possible she’s an advocate of cruelty free beauty but more likely she’s waiting for the empty box. Either way, humans: the March box is so beautiful and like a perfect little bundle of self love tools! Seriously go and romance yourself with this! Sign up at the link in my bio before it sells out!! I’ll be doing a live unboxing on my stories over the next day or so in case you forget how to use hand cream etc – look out for it 🙂 #KinderBeauty#Veganbeauty #crueltyfree#crueltyfreebeauty #vegan#vegansofinstagram #LilPuff#makeup #selflove #kinderbabes#DaniellaMonet #EvannaLynch

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Wow whee thanks for 2 million followers on Instagram! ? I don’t take this support for granted as it’s brought so many wonderful people and opportunities my way, and opened my world up considerably. I don’t really think about numbers and stats because I don’t want to get deterred from expressing myself for the sake of it, but there is no denying that I wouldn’t have got to work with half the activists and vegan charities that I do, without this platform, not to mention dancing with the bloody stars. Very glad for the chance to connect with like minded souls knowing that if I met half the people I talk to on here in person, I’d probably overthink it and run away. Social media can be really inspiring when used mindfully ??Anywaysss, thanks and I promise to keep the Puff pics coming. ??

2月 之前
Ya know when you write a ton of new year’s resolutions at the start of the year but a few months in you notice that your curiosity has taken you off in a totally different direction and you’re developing sides of yourself you hadn’t known about? One of my best new accidental habits of 2019 has been following the moon cycles and reading more about astrology via @mystic.medusa For anyone new to astrology and looking for thoughtful interpretations of the planets in your chart I recommend reading Mystic’s blog! This isn’t a sponsored post or blah de blah, just a new passion I’ve discovered through a friend and I wanted to pass it on and share her amazing work. My favourite reading she offers is the Instant Mystic Power Moons chart which gives really clear tips and inspiration for how to work with the vibe of each moon. I also am obsessed with her daily horoscopes and enjoy going all Trelawney on my colleagues by advising them when they should expect a surprise inflow of cash or when is a particularly dangerous time to text an ex or a prime time for a fierce new hairdo. So fun! Mystic is offering a free month trial to people who email assistant@mysticmedusa.com, or a 20% discount with code ‘evanna’ if you wanna dive right in and learn about the stars etc. Oh and Full Moon on Thursday, witches, be setting your intentions ?✨ (thanks to divine crystal healer @oh_momoko for the crystal magic in this pic).

2月 之前
Mood every day during rehearsals for The Omission of the Family Coleman. ? The hardest part of this job is trying not to collapse into giggles at the antics of my hilarious and talented cast mates. If you want to see a play about a dysfunctional but lovely – but dysfunctional – family come see us in Bath March 28th-April 27th. More info at the link in my bio. #TheOmissionOfTheFamilyColeman

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It’s 2019 and people are still raising animals in cages ? ugh let’s change these laws! Please join me and @ciwf in speaking up for all animals suffering in cages across the UK. Simply add your name to the petition (link in bio) and urge the government to #EndTheCageAgeciwf.org.uk/endcages Come on, don’t make Joanna Lumley wait any longer!! #CIWF#animalwelfare#CompassionInWorldFarming

2月 之前
#tbt Pig and Runt by Simon Annand, London, summer 2017. Miss these days! So excited to get back on the stage in a couple weeks 🙂

2月 之前
Happy weekend! ???

2月 之前
#tbt just because!! I miss dancing and miss you @keo_motsepe!! This dance gave me so much joy ☺️✨ This was the stage of rehearsals where I still couldn’t stop mouthing all the words because Disney, ok. #TeamKevanna #nostalgia#Tangled

2月 之前
Happy to be a supporter of the @milliondollarvegan project ?? If you need help going vegan or simply want to understand the motives better have a look at their website where there are tons of amazing resources and articles. There have been a lot of influential people denouncing veganism lately in the media and while I am so not here to criticise another person’s path and struggles (so not here for that), I wanted to respond to this by offering encouragement and support for those committing to this lifestyle. There are so many reasons to be vegan but the heart for me is animal rights and using our gifts and evolutionary advantages to protect the most innocent, defenseless creatures among us from unspeakable cruelty. This is why I’ll never turn away from veganism, because it’s a matter of the heart, not the mind and that can’t be argued with. I’m not here to debate with anyone, because I only do this for animals. If you know of other people struggling with the backlash against this movement I encourage you to share the positive reasons you are vegan and what about it makes you love your life more. My heart also goes out to people who want to be more vegan but struggle to make the transition for health and lifestyle factors. I promise you there’s a joyful and fulfilling way to do it. I recommend small steps and learning as much as you can before plunging in. Check out the @milliondollarvegan website for a good place to start and more interviews with the fantastic @aveganchildsjourneygenesis Ps. Would like to add a disclaimer to this video because I said the word ‘family’ in the wrong context. My family are doing AMAZING in their vegan efforts. They eat vegan most days of the week and my brother is already helping others go vegan. I am so proud of them!!! ? #WhyImVegan#MillionDollarVegan