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One of one. Shop @giannis_an34’s debut Zoom Freak 1 now on LINK IN BIO. #zoomfreak1 #giannis#nike

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⠀ ⠀ @giannis_an34 used to share a single pair of basketball shoes with his brother. 10 years later, he gets his own signature shoe. The Zoom Freak 1 is yet another considerable step in an already incredible journey. And it’s just getting started. #zoomfreak1#giannis #nike Explore the Zoom Freak 1:

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⠀ ⠀ @giannis_an34 refuses to be outworked. His coaches and trainers watch in disbelief as the Greek Freak continues to up his game. He has fire in his heart that’s fueling his greatness. #zoomfreak1 #giannis #nikeExplore the Zoom Freak 1:

10天 之前
⠀ ⠀ @giannis_an34’s life changed overnight when he was drafted 15th by the Milwaukee Bucks. His first time in America and away from his family, Giannis found comfort through the support of Greek fans in the U.S., who always showed up to his games. #zoomfreak1 #giannis#nike Explore more from Giannis at

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⠀ ⠀ Everybody eats – that’s the mindset @giannis_an34 learned from local cafe owner, Giannis Tsiggas. After a full day of hoops, Mr. Giannis would feed the Antetokounmpo brothers and encourage them to continue chasing their dreams. Giannis did just that, growing stronger and more dedicated to the game while attracting scouts from Europe and the U.S. #zoomfreak1#giannis #nike Explore more from Giannis at

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⠀ ⠀ Growing up in Athens, @giannis_an34 first learned to hustle by selling goods on the street. It wasn’t until the age of 12 when he discovered a different opportunity to provide for his family – the game of basketball. The tall, skinny kid hit the gym determined to create a better future for the Antetokounmpo’s. #zoomfreak1#giannis #nike Explore more from Giannis at

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Go back to where your dream started. Inspire a thousand more. ⠀⠀ ⠀ @giannis_an34 returns home to celebrate and debut his signature Zoom Freak 1. #zoomfreak1 #justdoit


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Introducing the Zoom Freak 1. ⠀⠀ ⠀ @giannis_an34’s debut signature shoe honors his family and Greek heritage, while designed for his freakish speed, power and control. ⠀⠀ ⠀ Arriving on July 1. Available in the U.S. July 10. LINK IN BIO. #zoomfreak1 #giannis #nike

16天 之前
To make it to the top, put your dreams to work. ⠀⠀ ⠀ To celebrate @giannis_an34’s MVP rise, we took this hoop to the top of Mount Olympus–the highest point in Greece. #giannis #nike#justdoit

Mount Olympus

19天 之前
Fate can start you at the bottom. Dreams can take you to the top. #justdoit ⠀ Congratulations to the 2019 Kia NBA Most Valuable Player: @Giannis_An34 ⠀ Watch his story, “I am Giannis,” now in the Nike App. LINK IN BIO. #NBAAwards #KiaMVP #giannis#nike

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Think that’s crazy? Wait until you see what’s next. ⠀ The 2019 Kia NBA Rookie of the Year: @lukadoncic #NBAAwards#KiaROY #justdoit

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It’s only crazy until you do it. #justdoit

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Introducing the Air Zoom Heritage N7. ⠀ In collaboration with designer Tinker Hatfield and N7 ambassador @taboo, the latest silhouette is inspired by “rez ball,” a style of basketball played in tribal communities that’s known for its physicality and fast-paced nature. ⠀ Arriving in SNKRS in the U.S. and Canada on June 21. #daretorise #nike

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It’s only crazy until you do it. #justdoit #nike #NBAFinals

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We know who you are. #justdoit

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Remember the dream. Embrace the challenge. #justdoit #nike#nbafinals

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Dream of the moment. Play for history. #justdoit #NBAFinals

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“To achieve crazy dreams, you have to prove you aren’t the underdog.” #justdoit #NBAFinals

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It doesn’t matter what you play. Nobody wins alone. ⠀ Whether it’s our team, our community, or anyone else who recognizes our victories as their own — progress only comes if we get there as one. ⠀ Inspired by decades of dedication from LGBTQIA+ athletes, and all who work to make sport a more inclusive space, we’re proud to be on this journey together. ⠀ #BeTrue#UntilWeAllWin

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Back to the Bay. #justdoit#NBAFinals

1个月 之前
Protect the North. #justdoit#NBAFinals

1个月 之前  Nike Basketball Instagram
It takes crazy to achieve crazy dreams. ⠀ The #NBAFinals start now. #justdoit

2月 之前
The Future of the Game.@aja22wilson tips off the @wnbaseason in the latest Nike Adapt BB inspired by a futuristic vision of footwear. Arriving in SNKRS in the U.S. on May 29. Available globally June 15. Link in bio. #nikeadapt #nike #wnba

2月 之前
From the North. With the North. #justdoit

2月 之前
“As a series goes on, it gets tougher… It’s on everybody to step their game up a notch.” @money23green #nbaplayoffs#nike #justdoit

2月 之前
“A lot of people are going to doubt us… but we’re really hungry to achieve our goals.” @giannis_an34 #nbaplayoffs#nike #justdoit

2月 之前
“It’s my nature to be fearless.” @giannis_an34 #nbaplayoffs#nike #justdoit

2月 之前
“When we’re locked in, that’s when we go to another level.” @easymoneysniper #nbaplayoffs#nike #justdoit

3月 之前
Success in the regular season isn’t enough. To be the best, @giannis_an34 has his eyes set on one thing. #justdoit

3月 之前
@ygtrece is battle-tested. To win it all, playoff dominance means taking no plays off. #justdoit

3月 之前
Stars are made in the brightest lights of the playoffs. For @jaytatum0, the pressure is nothing. #justdoit

3月 之前
@easymoneysniper is on a historic run. Raising his third trophy means using fear to his advantage. #justdoit