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One of my earliest memories was this birthday party. I vividly remember the explosion of silly string in the air and catching it. What was your earliest memory?

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The paper I was holding was blank ?

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Take me back to 1992 so I can be your baby again. Love you Mama ❤️

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90s anime vibes

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I can’t think of a couple that’s more perfect for each other than Karen and Leo. Your marriage was one of the most touching experiences I had the honor to witness. Universes were born when you two kissed. Leo you’re the luckiest man on the planet! Thank you for loving her! Protect Karen at all cost! She’s a treasure ? For Karen!!!!!! ✊

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The real reason why chopsticks were invented. ?

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Enjoy your baby fat while you still got it ? ?

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@emcosmetics Brush Tip Eyeliner. Available in both dark brown and black! ✨

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2006, 19, I wish I grew up with YT makeup tutorials ?

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? Happy Earth day ( as I’m holding up a plastic palmetto leaf ) ? Lip and eyes – @emcosmetics Faded Clementine ?

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@emcosmetics True Gloss

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Dracarys. ?

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Happy Easter. Jesus has risen. Praise be to God. ? I woke up to the news about Sri Lanka, and my heart sank. The burning of Notre Dame, Al-Aqsa Mosque, are all signs. We don’t have to wait for a hero or a savior. We have the power to save ourselves…only if we’re united. Our world is connected, and it’s time we the people of earth think as one, because the world is one ?? Life is precious. Treasure it. Amen.

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The only men I want, is ramen.

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Mirror mirror blah blah blah, who’s the baddest bitch of all? ? @impressionsvanity